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What Makes Us Unique

Versatility & Range of Experience

We know people are tired of hiring overly specialized consultants who have knowledge and expertise at only a couple things. We are different. Our team possesses an extraordinary range of professional and lived experience and expertise that allows us to understand, diagnose and successfully address multi layered and complex issues your and your programs might face.  We share many of your same experiences and can move with you in real time to come up with solutions that are right for you.

Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

No, we are not saying perfection. But we are passionate about constantly evolving and getting better. We have put together our own internal rigorous systems of continuous improvement. We are constantly curious. We read, we watch, we listen, we learn. We apply those learnings to our practice. Our goal is to achieve the highest quality support, services and products for ourselves, our partners & clients. 

We are the people you want in your “pod”

Working with others brings us great joy.   We believe strongly in an asset based approach to our work.  This is also our way of being in our everyday lives.  We bring a deep healing & youth development background that has shaped us to respect and cherish people's own experiences and backgrounds.   We aim for a restorative, authentic and hopeful partnership.

This work is part of our DNA

A common thread between our team is that this has been our lived experience since childhood.  We are in this for the long haul and we are all grounded with a deep sense of justice.  We have been fortunate to develop a profound level of developmental intuition for the work.  It is who we are.  This type of work is second nature for us and can’t imagine doing anything else.

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