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Participatory Evaluation

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”
- Maya Angelou

Praxis believes that If we are not getting feedback in real-time we’re missing the chance to improve as we go. We develop customized tools and approaches in order to assess, fix and improve all in real time.

“No research without action, no action without research.”
- Kurt Lewin

Reports and Publications: Praxis offers comprehensive report writing and design services tailored to your specific audience, be it funders, supporters, fellow practitioners, researchers, or for marketing and program promotion. Our visually engaging reports are customized to resonate with the distinct needs and preferences of your target audience. To view sample publications created by Praxis, click here.

Data Collection Tools: Our suite of data collection tools is entirely tailored to meet the unique needs of your program. Offerings include:

  • Customized Quantitative Surveys: We create surveys designed specifically for your program, ensuring that the questions and metrics align with your objectives and the data you need to collect.

  • Interview Guides: Our interview guides are thoughtfully developed to elicit valuable insights, enabling in-depth conversations with stakeholders, participants, and experts relevant to your program.

  • Community and Needs Assessments: We create and conduct thorough community and needs assessments to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities in your target areas.

  • Observation Rubrics: Our observation rubrics allow for structured data collection through systematic observations, helping you capture and analyze relevant information efficiently.

  • Formative Assessment Tools: Our formative assessment tools support the ongoing improvement of your program by offering real-time feedback and data-driven decision-making.

  • Readiness Assessments: We offer readiness assessments to gauge the preparedness of your program

Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis: Our data analysis services encompass both quantitative and qualitative research methods, allowing us to uncover valuable insights from your program's data. We provide comprehensive analysis and translate findings into actionable recommendations, helping you make informed decisions to continuously improve your program.

Program Planning: We assist in crafting effective program planning frameworks, including logic models and theories of change, tailored to your organization's goals and objectives. By mapping out the program's inputs, activities, outputs, and expected outcomes, we help you design programs that are strategically aligned with the needs of youth and the communities you serve.

Creating and Implementing an Ongoing Evaluation Plan: Praxis specializes in developing and implementing ongoing evaluation plans in order to continuously improve the effectiveness of your programs. We design participatory data collection strategies and evaluation tools to ensure your organization remains responsive and adaptive, making improvements based on real-time insights to maximize positive outcomes.

Data Analytics: Praxis specializes in crafting personalized and user-friendly tracking tools that enable real-time monitoring of progress towards your program's goals and deliverables. Our solutions are designed to foster program innovation by providing valuable insights that guide refinement. We help you establish, monitor, and assess the impact of key program indicators, empowering you to continuously enhance your practices and achieve meaningful outcomes.

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