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"The power of restorative practices lies in the ability to build relationships, repair harm, and transform individuals and communities."

Our team of licensed clinical practitioners and seasoned veterans in the field provide 1:1 and small group coaching for all staffing levels of your organization. We focus on nurturing healthy organizational cultures, enhancing implementation and practice, and integrating restorative practices and culturally responsive techniques.

Coaching Services:

  • Leadership Coaching: Empower organizational leaders,  directors and managers to lead with vision, foster effective teams, and shape a positive organizational culture.

  • Practitioner Coaching: Support frontline practitioners in enhancing their youth development program implementation, engagement, and youth support skills.

  • Restorative Practices: Implement effective restorative techniques for conflict resolution and community building within your organization and/or programs.

  • Organizational Culture Enhancement: Foster a culture of collaboration, trust, and continuous improvement within your organization.

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